Year 3 Roman Dewa Experience

Lesson: History

Class: Year 3 Year: 2016 - 2017

What a fantastic day we have had at the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester. 

We have learnt so much about how the Romans lived, such as how they fixed broken bones; that honey dipped dormouse was a delicacy; they visited the Roman baths with their friends and even shared a toilet brush! Yuck! 

The children had the opportunity to get hands on when they dug for artefacts, built Roman structures, experienced some interesting (and not very pleasant) Roman smells and dressed up as Roman soldiers. 

In the afternoon, we went on a Roman patrol to the amphitheatre where the gladiators did battle. We learnt that slaves had to fight for the Roman's entertainment, often fighting to their death. Winning meant earning their freedom. Unfortunately, my freedom came at the cost of Mrs Owen's head! 

I hope the children have come home full of excitement about the Romans! 

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