Vision and Values

Brereton C of E Primary School


This is our school.

May all who come here be inspired with a love of life and learning in order to fulfil their aspirations.

'Love God, Love Learning, Love One Another.'

(Matthew 22: 36-40)

Our Core Values:









School Aims:

  1. To establish high expectations and ensure all children reach their full potential in their intellectual, social, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development.

  2. To provide a healthy, safe and secure environment where children are encouraged and enabled to be responsible and self-disciplined.

  3. To create a positive attitude towards learning, both independently and collaboratively, by all members of the school community and develop lifelong learning attribute.

  4. To provide an inclusive broad, balanced, relevant and enjoyable curriculum.




School Objectives:

  • to establish high expectations and a success culture.

  • to develop a learning community.

  • to establish professional debate and discussion amongst all staff.

  • to build leadership and management skills in all staff.

  • to ensure that there is a learning climate in every classroom.

  • to create and maintain a physical environment that promotes and reinforces the value, safety and inclusion of all individuals.

  • to ensure the continual involvement of the whole school community.



The five Every Child Matters outcomes are:

Be healthy - so that our children are physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually healthy, have healthy lifestyles and choose not to take illegal drugs.

Stay safe - stay safe from maltreatment, neglect, violence, sexual exploitation, accidental injury and death, bullying and discrimination, crime and anti-social behaviour in and out of school, have security and stability and are cared for.

Enjoy and achieve - so that our children are ready for school, attend and enjoy school, achieve stretching national educational standards at primary and secondary school achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation.

Make a positive contribution -so that they engage in decision making, support their community and environment, develop positive relationships, choose not to bully and discriminate, develop self-confidence, successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges and develop enterprising behaviour.

Achieve economic well-being - so that they engage in further education, employment or training on leaving school, are ready for employment, live in decent homes and sustainable communities, have access to transport and material goods, live in households free from low income.



Brereton C E Primary School

School Lane, Brereton Green, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 1RN

Administration Assistant: Mrs S Henderson
or Senco: Richard Cotton

Tel: 01270 918931


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