Year 2 Outdoor Learning 1.10.20

Lesson: Learning Outside the Classroom

Class: Year 2 Year: 2020-2021

Following on from our Victorian Day, this week we looked at how children spent their leisure time. There were no video games or ipads to entertain children then. Often a child's imagination was their best friend. Toys meant a lot to children in the Victorian era as they might only own one toy so they'd be very protective of it. After looking at some examples of Victorian toys (hobby horses, skipping ropes, marbles and quoits to name a few) the children led their own learning by recreating some of these using nature, or using their imagination like the Victorian children did, and creating their own toys. Some of their ideas included making marbles out of mud, skipping ropes with sticks as handles, hobby horses using twine to lash sticks together, golf clubs out of sticks and mud...their imagination was endless!  

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