Year 5 Writing

Date: 15th Jan 2015 @ 9:01pm

This week we have started our writing based on 'The Man Who Walked Between The Towers'. Children have been using fantastic language and features to add interest to their writing. I would like to share one of the short pieces with you.

With my balancing pole in my sweaty hands, I walked on the thin, tough wire. When I look straight ahead at the magnificent, breathtaking towers, I can hear them cheering me on. The wire which I was walking on was as long as a giraffe's neck and as I looked down the snake shaped streets there were mases of tiny ants looking straight at me. I knew I could not fall off now. I could not afford to let them down. I could hear so many voices and they all submerged together. I could feel the bracing wind against my face. It was like it was trying to stop me from walking any further.


Natalie Breeze

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