Year 4 W.B 8th October

Date: 7th Oct 2018 @ 7:37pm

Good evening all,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend with family. I'm looking forward to seeing you all for another busy week. 

In maths this week, our main focus is using written methods of addition and subtraction. It is important for children to be able to use these methods to complete calculations involving larger numbers. Through the week, we will focus on questions involving exchanges, missing digits and numbers before tackling word problems with more than 1 step.

In English this week, the children will be writing their own fairy tale after we were sent an alarming message on Friday. We were asked for help in a torn letter sent by a person we only know as Layla. Following this, the children planned their own story by story boarding the key events and giving each picture a caption. 

In science, we continue our learning about sound by discovering how we can force sound to amplify and travel further. The children will have the opportunity to create their own string telephone to discover how sound can move further. Last week, we learnt about the inner works of our ears. We focussed on the names and roles of different sections of the ear including the auditory canal, cochlea and auditory nerve. 

In topic, the children will continue their learning about the wives of Henry VIII this week. They have been using both books and computer technology to enhance their understanding. On Thursday, they will present this information to the rest of the class. This will develop not only their teamwork skills but also their ability to speak publicly. 

In RE, we have been learning about the life of Daniel. We have acted out the story of the lion's den and analysed what we can learn about God from this story. The children came to intelligent conclusions that God is protective, powerful and trustworthy. They were also able to give reasons for their deductions and link these back to the story. In the coming week, the children will demonstrate this knowledge as a written response. 

Finally, this week, we welcome a new member to our classroom. Miss Davenport will be joining us until the end of January. I'm sure the children will enjoy and thrive in their lesson with Miss Davenport and she will be in touch over the coming week. 

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and hope you enjoy your Sunday evening.

Mr Stanway

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