Year 3 WC 8.5.18

Date: 8th May 2018 @ 4:27pm

I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful weather at the weekend. It's about time we had some sunshine! 

This week, in maths, we are continuing with time. We are moving onto telling the time to 1 minute, digital and the 24 hour clock. 

In English, we are starting our non-fiction unit on persuasion. Our model text, is a persuasive advert about India. We'll be studying this and looking at the strategies writers use to persuade us. After this, we'll have a go at some persuasive writing of their own. If you are watching adverts on the tv or see any in magasines, have a chat about how the writing is trying to persuade them to buy something or go somewhere. Some of the things we'll be picking up on are how it feels like the writer is talking to us and it's often informal and friendly, emotive language and opinions presented as facts. 

In Science, we are continuing with our work on plants. Last week, we studied the function of the roots and stem. Today we have been learning about the leaves. We've learnt some big scientific words, such as what photosynthesis and chlorophyll are! 

In RE, we are starting our next unit about the Trinity. Our key question is 'What does Christian art teach people about the Trinity?' Over the next few lessons, we'll be looking at how different painters depict God and the Trinity. 


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