Year 3 WC 29th January 2018

Date: 3rd Feb 2018 @ 10:42pm

This week the children have been busy writing their portal stories with suspense, putting together everything that we have been working on in English over the last few weeks. I have been really pleased with the quality of writing and it is great to see the children trying to use adventurous vocabulary. When your child reads at home, continue to encourage them to look for techniques/styles of other authors that they can magpie. This week we'll be starting our next non-fiction unit on non-chronological reports. 

In Maths, we have been doing some very tricky problem solving! These are some of the types of questions we have been tackling: 

30 is _____ times bigger than 5. _____ × _____ = ______

5 is _____ times smaller than 30. _____ ÷ ______ = ______

7 is _______ times smaller than 21. _____ ÷ _____ = ______

21 is ______ times bigger than 7. _____ × _____ = ______       


There are six eggs in an egg box.

Stephen has 18 eggs.

He thinks he has 4 times more than one box.

Do you agree?  


A coach is three times as long as a car.

A train is 6m longer than a coach.

The train is 36m long.

How long is the car?   

For a question like this, we'd ask the children to use a bar model to represent the problem.  

Please continue to practise times tables. Each week, the children are getting quicker and more accurate with their times tables tests! 

I have recently come across a useful website for practising spellings which I have introduced to the children. It is called Spelling Frame It is a free website and can be used on tablets. It is great practice of previous spelling rules and patterns we have learnt this year, and towards the bottom of the page there are tasks which work on the Year 3/4 spelling lists. 

In Science this week we have been learning about the uses of magnets. The children used the Ipads to do some research finding out about everyday uses, how magnets are used in recycling and how they power the Maglev train. They then used their research to write a non-chronological report. 

Don't forget that Friday is our Roman day where we will be dressing up as Romans. In the morning we'll be creating films about Rome on the IPads. In the afternoon, we'll be designing and starting to make Roman shields. 



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