Year 3 WC 23rd April 2018

Date: 22nd Apr 2018 @ 9:51pm

This week in Year 3 we are continuing with fractions in maths. We have been doing lots of work around equivalent fractions, working practically and pictorially. We've also noticed patterns and used times tables to find equivalence. This week, we'll be moving onto comparing and ordering fractions. Please keep up the hard work practising times tables! 

In English, we've started our text, The Tin Forest. In our writing, we have been recapping fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions. We are doing lots of work on vocbulary, trying to encourage the children to use a wider range of language. When we are writing, we make use of word mats and thesauruses. When reading at home, encourage your child to write down unknown words and discuss these together. Then try to introduce them into everyday language when there is the opportunity. In class, we have come across the word 'brink' as the Iron Man was standing 'on the brink of a cliff'. Other words we have found are 'stunned' and 'eagerly'. 

In Science, we have been investigating what happens to a shadow throughout the day. Before we started, the children had lots of different ideas and predictions based on their own experiences. They were really suprised to see the shadow moving and changing in length. You can explore shadows at home too. What happens to your shadow when you move closer or further away from the light source? 

In RE we are discussing how the Bible helps Christians to live. We looked at the school rules and then the Ten Commandments. The children were challenged with putting them in order starting with the most important and had to justify their choices. This week, we'll be looking at various quotes from the Bible and thinking about what they mean and how they affect Christian's lives. 


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