Year 2 - Week Beginning 27th November

Date: 30th Nov 2017 @ 7:36pm

It has been another lovely week in Year 2. This week we have been focusing on learning our lines for the nativity, pronouncing more complex words and ensuring we are able to sing each song and use actions are the same - this week has been very promising and we are looking forward to refining next week. We ask that the children continue to learn their lines and we will be wanting them to say them off by heart from Monday.

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on money. There has been a big focus on finding the difference this week, so looking at the amount of change from a total. The children have learnt how to count on and back using a number line for amounts up to and over £1. Two step problems have been our focus for the last few days and these are something that the children are really starting to grasp. It is lovely to see how the children are applying their knowledge of place value when adding, subtracting and using money.

In Science, we have finished our instructions for how to brush our teeth. The children have used some great time connectives as well as many other features of instruction writing. This shows that they are applying their English skills in different areas which is fantastic.

In topic, the children have finished their work on sketching scenes from the Great Fire of London and using oil pastels to create the effect of the blazing fire.

In addition to this work, we have also been publishing our writing and creating messages in a bottle to add to our Treasure Island display. We will upload a picture of this once it is complete.

As we are leading up to Christmas, there is lots of activities going on. We would like to thank everyone who has sent in their costumes up until now and we look forward to receiving the others over the next week. If you have any problems please let us know.

The Year 2 Team

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