Year 1 WC 8th October 2018

Date: 13th Oct 2018 @ 9:32pm

We've had another exciting day in Year 1 this week. 

On Tuesday we had our Kings and Queens day. Thank you for all the children's wonderful costumes. We started our day by learning about some significant monarchs from William the Conqueror to Henry VIII to Queen Victoria and finally to our wonderful Queen Elizabeth II. After break, we actually met Her Majesty and the children asked lots of interesting questions about her life as the Queen. However, she soon got tired and needed a little nap. She was then visited in her dream by her great great grandmother Queen Victoria! This taught us lots about how the monarchs were actually quite similar in many ways. They both place lots of importance on family and they both have a love of animals. 

In the afternoon, we used clay to create images of the Queen. Now that the clay has dried, we hope to paint them this week. 

A few weeks ago, we found some dragon eggs in our school grounds and it appeared that some of them had hatched! This week, we invited 'Ralph' from the Sandbach Dragon Hatchery (he had a striking resemblance to Mr McAulay!) to come in and talk to the children about dragons and teach them what to do in case they were to find one. We learnt our story map 'How to Trap a Dragon' as part of our dragon training. One of the items listed in our instructions that we needed was a dragon's den. Therefore, on Thursday we collected sticks and leaves and made our own dragons' dens. Then we used conjunctions such as 'First', 'Then', 'Next' and 'Finally' to write instructions for how to make a dragon's den. I have been so impressed with the children's writing and the progress that have made in such a short time this term. They really are trying so hard. 

In Science we went for a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of autumn. We found lots and lots of beauiful autumnal leaves, blackberries growing, leaves falling off the tress and lots of the children talked about finding conkers when out and about at home. 

For our Wednesday Worship this week we asked the question 'Should we have more playtime during the school day'? In this session, we want the children to learn to form their own opinions and be able to talk about their views while being respectful of others'. I was quite surprised with the children's responses this week as many of them voted that we shouldn't have more playtime as they thought that we needed to the time we had in school to work hard. However, they also knew the value of play time as it meant that they were getting fresh air and it was good exercise. 

Don't forget Tuesday afternoon this week is our Stay and Make and we would love to see as many of you there as possible. 

This is the link for the maths homework which was set last week if you had problems getting on to it. 



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