Reception W.B 23.04.18

Date: 27th Apr 2018 @ 4:06pm

A drizzly Friday to end the week but a Friday none the less! What a week we’ve had…

In literacy this week, we have continued to focus on ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. We looked at what an adjective was and how best to use it in our writing. After a sensory walk through the woods, the children were challenged to write a descriptive piece, focusing on the woods in which the Gruffalo is set. We were blown away by the children’s imaginative writing and couldn’t believe how well they’d captured the scene. A few descriptions included: “The trees boogied in the wild wind…the wind was fast and made my hair dance…the bendy brances were waving in the breeze…leaves crumbled under my feet”.

In maths, we have practised halving, ordering and formation of numbers and being able to find one more or less then a given number. It showed us the capabilities of the children and gave them the opporunity to show off what they could do. Some were even doubling and halving numbers up to 100 – wow!

As part of the children’s homework from last week, we used today’s topic session to discuss our families and the different things that made each one just as special as the next. In turns, the children presented their work and talked about who made up their family and what made it special to them. It’s clear to see how incredibly hard they have worked on their pieces so each one that was shown, earned the children a leaf on our new ‘achievement tree’.

During P.E, we practised riding around safely on the ride-alongs, it was quite tricky but it helped us think about spacial awareness. We also practised some different athletic skills in preparation for sports day.

Sparkle, Wriggly, Fred, Arthur, Little Toe, Shiny, Isabella and friends are all growing fast, some of them are even getting their back legs. We are very grateful to the PTA, who have cleared and prepped the pond ready for moving day.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Taylor, Miss Sherliker, Mrs Payne

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