Reception's blog - w/b Monday 24th May

Date: 27th May 2021 @ 8:54pm

Hello everyone!

I would like to start this week's blog as a celebration of your children; not just of the past week, but also the weeks spent in school since the second lockdown ended. All the staff in Reception class have been so impressed with the progress that the class have made since December in every part of the curriculum. We try to show you some examples of the children's learning in the photos attached to these blogs, but in reality there is so much more and I guarantee that you will be delighted when you look through their books during parent consulations in 6 weeks time. We have also completed some maths and writing assessments of the children which definitely bode well for their transition to Year 1.

Last week I promised you some Kennings poetry (I hope you all did your homework and now know what a Kenning is!) and you will see a few examples of what the children came up with below.

Our RE focus this term has been the celebration of the birth of the Christian Church - Pentecost, and the arrival of the Holy Spirit to the apostles on the fiftieth day of Easter. We have looked at how receiving the Holy Spirit is a gift from God and the children have made windmills to represent the breath of the Holy Spirit,  as well as crowns with "tongues of fire" that rested on the apostles. 

And so to next half term. Our text is 'Storm Whale' by Benji Davies which connects nicely with our topic of oceans and beaches, and will help the children examine feelings and friendship through the main character, Noi. With any luck, June will bring the type of weather that makes learning about the seaside much more immersive - I'm certainly looking forward to a delicious '99' ice cream, unless the reported 'Flake' shortage puts pay to that as well! We will also find out if we have any budding Andy Murrays among the class when we start our tennis lessons at the end of the month. 

Have a great half term holiday and see you on Monday, June 7th. 


Mr. Cotton, Miss Wellings, Mrs. Sherliker-Hewiit and Mrs. Oldham


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