Reception's Blog - Week Beginning Monday 7th October

Date: 11th Oct 2019 @ 10:27am

W.B. Monday 7th October 2019

We can’t quite believe we are at Friday already – this week has flown by!

Our week started with a very exciting cooking activity. Continuing on from our focus story “The Storm Whale”, we were tasked with making “Nanna’s magic soup” to help cheer Noi up. We formed a list of instructions and once we had the ingredients, the children took turns in chopping and preparing the vegetables. During the afternoon, we were all able to try the soup and decided that it was delicious and was bound to help Noi feel happy. We continued the week by performing the instructions so we could show others as well as sequencing them.

In phonics this week, the children have been introduced to the sounds of ‘b,o , c and u’. We’ve worked hard to make sure that we’re all starting the letters in the correct place and not lifting our pencil before the formation is complete. Some children are finding that they are remembering the rhymes but aren’t retaining the sound itself. Please make sure you are regularly looking at the sounds cards to support your child at home.

Number 5 has been our focus in maths this week with our learning objective being able to identify, recognise and use it. We started our week with learning how to form the number using our rhyme: across and down and round the beehive, that’s what makes the number 5. We’ve also had great fun practising our formation by using giant chalk to write it all over our playground as well as take part in a ‘Number 5 Treasure Hunt’. Each child is secure in the knowledge that one of our hands represents the number 5 and we’ll continue to support recognition and formation.

As you’ve been informed, we have missed having Miss Wellings in our class for a few days this week but are looking forward to her returning soon. The children are busy making pictures and can’t wait to tell her their news when she’s back. Please be comforted in knowing that the classroom routine is exactly the same and no changes have been made. Myself and Mrs Millington are both in the classroom, fulltime.

A polite reminder that children aren’t to bring toys into school. We are having difficulty fitting them into trays and many are getting lost or broken. If your child needs a comfort to get them to school, please take it with you once you’ve dropped them at the gate. We love to see achievements such as certificates and medals as we show these in ‘Celebration Assembly’ on Fridays. Thank you for your understanding.

Have a wonderful weekend, The Reception Team.

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