Reception's Blog - Week Beginning Monday 24th September

Date: 28th Sep 2018 @ 4:10pm

Happy Friday! What a jam packed week it’s been.

In literacy we have been continuing with our story of “The Three Little Pigs”. The children were challenged to innovate the story by changing ‘The big bad wolf’ into a brand new, naughty character. We had some fire breathing dragons, a cheeky lion and even an angry train! They have worked extremely hard this week and are almost word perfect with our other story – The Little Red Hen. Maybe you could ask them to recite it to you as a mini rehearsal for our Harvest Service on the 4th October.

In maths this week, we have focused on number 2 and 3. By spending a couple of sessions on each, we have been able to secure their knowledge of its formation, what it looks like when written down and how it’s shown in quantity. If you want to support your child at home, we use the rhymes: “half a heart says I love you, draw a line to make a two” and “around the tree, around the tree, number three”. We’ve asked the children to find as many number 2s and 3s in their environment as they can and we can’t wait to hear all about where they’ve been spotted.

This afternoon, we received a letter from the one and only big, bad wolf. He was so delighted with the apple crumble that he asked if we were able to help out once more. He needed us to show him how to make jam sandwiches for his very, best friends. We were up to the challenge and so put together a list of what we’d need. After sourcing such items, we set to work to make the most delicious jam sandwiches yet. We will be using this experience to help us with our instruction writing in literacy next week.

A big thank you to all who could attend this morning’s Macmillian event as well as our reading meeting. We managed to raise a marvellous £150.55 with just your support so a big pat on the back for each of you. For anyone that wasn’t able to attend the meeting, the power point will be available on the school website next week.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Wellings and Miss Sherliker

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