Jodrell Bank

Lesson: Understanding the World

Class: Year 1 Year: 2014 - 2015

On Wednesday 26th February, Year 1 went on a visit to Jodrell Bank.

We explored the musuems and used telescopes, as well as listening to the sound of stars spinning and investigating the heat in our bodies with infared lights.

We went inside a huge inflatable dome to learn about hwo the sun moves through the sky and what effect that has on night and day. We also saw star constellations. The man told us that on 20.3.15, there will be a total eclipse ... we are looking forward to seeing this!

We also explored the planet path learning about the size of planets and how far away they to the sun.

Finally we learnt about the Apollo 11 mission and were taught about Astronaut's special space suits. We then made our own mini rockets and fired them using air pressure.

It was fantastic and very informative day.

Well done Year 1 for your wonderful behaviour!


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