We were very excited to welcome Squeeky into school today. The whole school met Squeeky in asssembly this morning. With the use of Ipads the children explored the world of computer programming in the following ways:

Year 2 with the help of a sprite names 'Daisy' learned how to create basic programs to help Daisy overcome obstacles.

Year 4 played Cargo Bot which is a game that teaches the basics of computer programs. The goal was to move a stack of coloured boxes from one stand to another using a series of repeatable instructions.

Year 3 played Hopscotch (but not as we know it). The children were experimenting and creating their own programming code to solve simple problems using logical reasoning.

Year 5 played A.L.E.X which is a fun puzzle game where the children thought logically as they programmed the robot A.L.E.X with a sequence of commands to move through various levels.

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