PE Funding

PE Grant 2016-2017

This year the government announced that funding for school sport and PE will continue until 2020.

Schools will be able to pay for extra coaching sessions to improve the quality of sports and PE provision.

For the academic year 2016-2017 Brereton C of E (A) Primary School received £8711.

How are we using our funding?


  1. Sessions with specialist sports coaches in curriculum time for pupils across the school.
  2. Sports coaches working alongside our teachers to develop our skills at teaching PE
  3. Working together with our Holmes Chapel and District Community of schools to improve PE provision, Intra School sporting activities and training in a wide variety of sports.
  4. Increasing opportunities for intra school sports activities and competitions.
  5. Increase participation in after school sport clubs.


A proportion of the money has been spent on contributing to the EIP cluster. This money has enabled a large proportion of children to participate in competitions within the cluster. This includes many sports, including Boccia – a sport aimed at inclusion of all within sport. Timings of the competitions have varied between after school and during afternoons to ensure a large proportion of children can be involved in at least one sports competition. There have also been greater opportunities for year 3 and 4 children to participate in competitions, following on from feedback last year within the cluster. We have achieved a huge amount at these competitions, including winning trophies and medals. The children’s opinions about the competitions have been extremely positive and a real enthusiasm and sense of sportsmanship has been developed throughout the school. Earlier this year a survey of PE was carried out and of the KS2 children surveyed, a large majority had represented the school in a competition last year (79 children).

We are seeing great results in competitions, as well as increased participation in sporting and competitive activities outside of school. Our after-school sport clubs this year have all been well attended. Our recent survey shows that the large majority of children attend a club or sporting activity outside of school (114 children). This shows how highly sport in valued within the school. This love of sport is fostered by our excellent coaching in lessons, intra sport competitions and after-school clubs, as well as in competitions within the cluster.


‘To forge links with PE teachers in local High schools to help improve the provision of PE at Primary level’

Over the last academic year, the cluster has paid for Trevor Capewell, a PE teacher at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, to oversee the organisation of cluster sports competitions. As well as organising numerous events throughout the year, Mr Capewell has visited the school several times to teach PE to KS2 children. Our staff have participated in these sessions and have continued to build on Mr Capewell’s teaching in their subsequent sessions.


‘To encourage increased participation in competitive sport and achieve sporting excellence.’

Over the last academic year, a consistently high number of children have participated at Holmes Chapel Cluster events, with a large majority of KS2 pupils competing in at least one competition.

We took part in Cross Country with pupils from Year 3, 4, 5, and 6. A number of children performed very well, winning several races and achieving places in the top four.

We have participated in 7 aside and 5 a side football tournaments within the cluster, and have entered an A and B team in both the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 football tournaments. The Year 3/4 A team won both competitions.

We also competed in Year 5/6 Boccia and Year 3/4 Boccia, taking 2 teams in both cases. We have participated in Year 5/6 hockey and tag rugby competitions.

In Netball, like in many other competitions, we competed with an A and B team. The children played extremely well, showing great teamwork and sportsmanship. In the Indoor Athletics we took 20 children from Year 5 and 6 (boys and girls) to compete and performed very well overall. During the upcoming summer term, we will compete in an outdoor athletics competition, rounders, tennis, cricket and a year 1/2 gymnastics competition.

Within school we held several intra sport events, including KS2 football and KS2 cross country. During these competitions, children have had the opportunity to compete within their house against children in other house teams. Throughout the year children have competed in intra sport competitions within their year group in rugby, hockey, netball and they will do so in cricket and athletics. We are also looking forward to Sports Day later in the year.

Year 3 pupils have also had weekly swimming lessons in line with the National Curriculum, encouraging children to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres, use a range of strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

At lunchtimes, Sports Coaches North West have run clubs and supported with training for competitions. The aim of this has been to include more children in physical exercise at playtimes and it has also been excellent to see one of our year 6 pupils running a Golden Mile club at lunchtime.

This year we have provided five after school sport clubs per week, of which two are paid clubs (Sports Coaching North West.) The other three clubs are free of charge. Clubs have been well attended and have proved to be very popular this year. After completing the PE survey, we used the results to coordinate with our PE coach and chose clubs appropriately to ensure that we considered the children’s views. Pupil voice has impacted in the choice of clubs running during the summer term.

Overall, PE has been very popular this year, with the large majority of children enjoying lessons. Please find the pupil survey below, which also highlights pupil enjoyment, participation in competitions and information related to clubs both in and outside of school.



Pupil PE questionnaire results 2017

1) Do you enjoy your PE lessons? Circle one. 1=  10= 

Of the children surveyed, the large majority of children responded positively to the survey (8/10 or more) with 89 children scoring PE lessons 10/10.

Some comments included were:

‘It is always really fun.’

‘We play fun games.’

‘I feel happy because we play fun games.’

‘I like it because it is fun.’

‘They are fun and involving.’

‘It makes you strong and healthy.’

‘I enjoy PE because it helps you get fit and healthy and there are many enjoyable sports.’

‘It is fun and enjoyable, plus keeps you fit and healthy.’

‘Mr Jones makes it much more exciting.’

‘It is fun, enjoyable and I can’t wait for Thursdays and Fridays.’

‘It is fun and makes me fit and healthy.’

‘Sport is fun.’

‘You try lots of sports that you wouldn’t try at home.’

‘Happy because our PE coach is really fun and really happy.’

‘It helps people to work together more.’

‘I like PE because it’s fun.’

‘It’s fun and I love it.’

‘I love PE because I like to try new sports.’

‘It’s ok. I’m just not a sport’s fan.’

‘We do fun games and are always running around.’

‘It’s the best lesson.’

‘It is epic.’

‘It is a bit hard.’

‘I think PE is fun, amazing and the best lesson in the school!’

‘It makes you big and strong!’

‘I love PE.’

‘I really like PE at this school because there are opportunities to learn new sports.’

‘I think PE is ok.’

‘It’s very fun.’

‘It is great.’

‘It is good for your body and it is fun.’

‘It is awesome.’

‘It is fun and you get fit.’

‘I feel good about PE at school.’

‘You get to experience new sports.’

‘PE makes me feel happy because I do exercise.’

‘We have a fantastic PE teacher.’

‘I feel excited because you do all different sports.’

‘It is very enjoyable and they don’t expect you to do it first time.’

‘I like the lessons with Mr Jones.’

‘Mr Jones is a nice person and he makes it fun and child friendly.’


2) Are there any clubs which you would like to take part in at our school which we currently do not have?

If so, which one(s)?

Suggestions included trampolining,, ballet, running, volleyball, dancing, golf, bowls, climbing, darts, archery, cricket, boxing, rounders, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, basketball, and karate.

(Having spoken to Mr Jones, our coach, we have used this information to inform our choice of after school clubs for next half term.)


3) Do you attend any sporting activity or sport’s clubs/ teams out of school? (eg. Swimming, ballet, horse-riding, taekwondo, etc.) What is the club called?

The large majority of children in the survey attend a club or sporting activity outside of school (114 children).

Clubs included:

Dancing, including ballet (Jo-Anne Bayley School of Dance, the Academy of Performing Arts, Alison Gallah’s School of Dance, Laura Wilson School of Dance. )

Boxing (Crewe- Chongi)

Swimming (Sandbach boys school, Sandbach girl’s school, Swim School, Sandbach Leisure Centre, Swimbugs)

Horse riding (Birtles Riding School)

Football (Crewe FC girl’s football, Sandbach Eagles, Sandbach United, Holmes Chapel Hurricanes, Port Vale, Egerton football club, Davenham Dynamos, Kidsgrove Tigers)

Rugby/ Tag rugby (Sandbach Rugby club)

Golf (GLF Woodside Golf Club)

Gymnastics (Sandbach gymnastics)

Hockey (Sandbach Hockey Club, Sports North West)

Basketball, tennis, taekwondo, kickboxing, karate, thai boxing, cricket, netball, indoor athletics.


4) Have you represented Brereton C of E Primary School in any competitions in the last year?

In KS2 a large majority of children have represented the school in a competition in the last year (79 children).

Every child in KS2 children has been involved in intra sports competitions this year (house vs house competitions.)



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