How can I help my child with Spelling?

At Brereton we have four sessions per week to investigate and learn spelling rules. The spelling sessions take over from phonics sessions when the children have mastered the speed sounds that we cover in Read Write Inc.

We use Read Write Inc Spelling to introduce each spelling rule.

The aim is that children will be able to spell these words correctly in their day to day writing.

What can you do to help at home?

It is always fantastic if you help your child to learn their spellings. The children bring home a list of their weekly words in their planning book. As there are five lessons per unit and we only teach spelling 4 times a week, the day spellings are sent hoem will vary.  Please use the planner regularly to let us know how this learning is going. 

Some children struggle with spelling. Try the mind friendly apporaches set out below. They can really help.

Mind Friendly Spelling

Have the individual word written or typed out in handwriting font on a large sheet of paper.

Get your child to concentrate on visualising the word.

Encourage your child to ‘see’ the word over their left eyebrow, with their eyes closed.

Point out any words within words/common letter strings/prefixes/suffixes.

With their eyes closed ask your child to spell the word aloud.

Now put the word down and get your child to write the word in the air/on the carpet/using just their fingers, spelling the word aloud as they do so.

Encourage joined up handwriting.

Now ask your child to write the word (again in the air, not on paper) with the hand that they usually do not write with. Again using joined up handwriting, still spelling the word aloud as they do so.

To add a little fun your child can write the word with their elbows, feet, nose.

Now with their eyes closed your child should be able to spell the word aloud backwards as well as forwards.

Focus on a couple of words per day rather than all the words in one day.

Display the words on the wall in your child's bedroom or anywhere they glance regularly all week.

Use pictures to reinforce these words.

Revisit last week’s words the following week.


Another technique is to use a mnemonic to help remember any tricky words:


Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants


HEAR ...

You hear with your ear!


Warm Hands And Toes.

Make up some mnemonics of your own!


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