Year 6 blog December 1st

Date: 1st Dec 2020 @ 5:51pm

Gosh it's December already and Year 6 classroom looks like a grotto! Time for a round up of what we have been doing lately.

In maths we are nearing the end of our work on fractions - I don't think the children will be sorry to have a go at something else, it's been a long maths topic. I think they have done well with it and made good progress.

Our English unit of work finished last week with the publication of the children's news story on the untimely death of a suffragette at the Epsom Derby in 1913. We are now onto a new book entitled 'Dreams of Freedom' which has proved quite intriguing so far - we'll see how far into the unit of work we can get before the end of term.

In Science we are looking at how light behaves, how we see it and how we can manipulate it. This week we were experimenting with torches and mirrors to bend light round corners. Next week the children will be using this knowledge to make periscopes.

In RE we are studying faith in action in the Christian community, which looks at ways in which Christian believers can have an impact on ther world. Some of the content is quite challenging. This week we will be considering the importance of Sunday as a special day for worship as opposed to doing all the other things that are (normally) on offer on Sundays - it's quite an interesting idea.

In art we are moving closer to doing our poster with some printed words on. Last week we used mirrors to enable us to write our slogan in mirrored form in preparation. This was also challenging but lots of fun which the children enjoyed when they got to grips with it.

In outdoor learning the class were working with Mrs. McLean and Mr Simmons on some Christmas decorations, so I was sorry to miss that as I had an appointment to attend.

In PSE Heartsmart the class were split into friendship groups and challenged to form a human knot which they then had to undo. They were brilliant at it and demonstrated great qualities of commitment and friendship - not one cross word was spoken and they worked together fantastically, it was a pleasure to watch. I've got some photos somewhere.

Netball continues apace in PE. The lessons are more game based now and the children are able to demonstrate what they are learning about strategy and tactics. They are also speeding up in their play which shows how confident they are becoming.

We have started singing 'Deck the Halls' for our contribution to the school virtual Carol 'concert'. I've used chocolate as a tool of encouragement but we have super volume in our singing so it works! I think they are secretly enjoying it really.

As always, please encourage your child to keep reading for pleasure at home, we are getting some improved Acclerated Reader scores now. Best wishes with your Christmas preparations and stay safe.

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