Year 5 Maths

Date: 4th May 2015 @ 8:47pm

Last week children were learning all about fractions. This included some revision of previous work as well as new challenges. On Monday children were looking for equivalent fractions, on Tuesday they ordered fractions remembering to convert all fractions so they had the same denominator and throughout the rest of the week children have converted improper fractions and mixed numbers, added, subtracted and multiplied fractions and solved word problems and challenges.

Key concepts to remember at home are that when ordering, adding and subtracting fractions all denominators must be the same.

Children could try these:

1/2+3/4 = ? (Multiply 1/2 to 2/4 and then add)

2/3 + 3/5 = ? (Some children have tried this. Here they must find the lowest common denominator of 15 and multiply both fractions before adding)


This week children will be working on measures including area, perimeter, volume, knowing and converting between units of measure and solving measure challenges.

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