Year 5 Averages and Probability

Date: 28th Jun 2015 @ 8:03pm

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Last week we were learning about averages. All children now know about mode (most common), median (middle one when data is in order) and mean ( sum of all data / number of numbers) averages. Once children were confident with finding and calculating these they tried test style questions and noted that the calculations were not difficult, but the way in which questions were presented took some getting used to. We will be trying more of these as starters to next weeks lessons, but I know many children are keen to have a go at home so I have listed a few more to have a go at.

1) Look at this set of data 3,9,1,7,8 - Mrs Wood says the average is 7. Which average did she use?

2) The following data has a mode of 5. Find the missing number

3) This data has an mean of  4. Find the missing number 4,5,8,2,?


Next week we will be working on probability. I have also attached some leveled test questions for this area of maths. Children will be trying a few at school and completing for homework, so please don't complete these with children before Wednesday. 

Hopefully all children will manage well in the heat and challenge themselves with some harder questions.

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