Year 5 20th March

Date: 20th Mar 2021 @ 1:47pm

We have been so busy this week!

In English, we have continued to investigate the text 'Where We Once Stood'. We have read extracts from Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and imagined what it was like to land on the moon. We have watched some of the original footage shown on TV and investigated new vocabulary, written questions and biographical paragraphs about the astronauts. Next week we will be looking at the features of a science-fiction story and trying to use some of them in our own writing. We are also working really hard on spelling and presentation. 

In Guided Reading we have been reading 'Who Let the Gods Out?' by Maz Evans and the children are enjoying the humour in the book.

In Spelling, we have been looking at words with silent letters and we will continue to practise them in morning starter sessions next week. 

In Forest Schools we looked again at Perseverance landing on Mars. In particular we looked at how it landed and the relief from the team at NASA when it did. We then made our own protective casings or parachutes for our own Perseverance (eggs) and dropped them onto the school field - all but two survived! Next week we will be launching bottle rockets so, if you have any empty fizzy drinks bottles at home, please could you send them to school on Monday.

Forest Schools pictures -

In Science, we have been learning about how Earth travels in space and why we have night, day and seasons (see attached document). Next week we will be looking at phases of the moon. Perhaps you could ask children to look at out at night and notice what the moon looks like to bring learning to life. 

In history, we have been looking at the Space Race and the main events between 1940-1970 (which seems like a very long time ago to Y5). The children were particularly interested in Laika the dog and Ham the chimpanzee. Next week we are looking more in depth at Yuri Gagarin. 

In PE children have been working at a number of stations completing a range of exercises to monitor their own fitness. We are challenging them to make sure they exercise each day to improve their scores. Mr McAulay has launched Get Set Tokyo and more information is available on the newsletter. 

In art, children have been making origami stars which has taken real determination and concentration. They are looking fantastic and I can't wait to put them on display. 

In RE we have revised our knowledge of the Easter story and will be looking at evidence for and against the resurrection from bible extracts.

In Spanish, we have revised numbers, colours, greetings and family members.

I hope the children continue to enjoy being back at school and look forward to seeing them on Monday. 

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