Year 3 WC 22nd May 2017

Date: 21st May 2017 @ 10:07pm

It's the final week of this half term and we've got lots of pack in! 

In Maths we are continuing with multiplication. We have been using mental strategies for mutliplication this week which the children have found quite tricky so we spent a few extra lessons on it until we were secure. Therefore we will now be progressing to formal written methods. In year 3 we use the grid method for multiplication before progressing to the column method. 

Grid method is set out like this: 

E.g. 46 x 4 

First we partition 46 so children understand that we have to multiply by the tens and the units. 

x 40 6
4 160 24

We multiply the tens, then the units and then add those together. 

160 + 24 = 184 

When mutliplying by mutliples of ten, it is important that the children do not see it as 'adding a zero' as they must understand that when mutliplying by ten, the digits all move one place to the left. The zero is added as a place holder. 

In English, we are editing and redrafting their stories which they have worked so hard on. We'll then be looking at instruction texts as the children will write their own versions of 'How to Trap the Iron Man'. 

In Science we are continuing with skeletons and how these support and protect. 

In RE we are starting our unit on Creation. Our key question is 'How do Christians look after the wider world and why?'

Have a lovely week! 

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