Year 3 WC 22nd January 2018

Date: 26th Jan 2018 @ 8:40pm

This week in Maths we have been securing mutliplying two digits by a single digit. Throughout the week, children have secured the method of short division. Some children have started to show their deeper understanding through spotting mistakes in calculations and being able to explain errors, completing questions with missing digits and solving problems. Today we started on division, using partitioning before diving the tens column followed by the units. If you want to help at home, securing times tables is invaluable! 

I am so pleased with the stories Year 3 have written this week. They have been writing stories involving suspense, applying what we have been learning and using our suspense toolkit to help. Next week, the children will be independently applying the skills we have been working on. 

In Science we have been exploring magnets. The children worked in kagan groups with a range of everyday objects. After making predictions about which objects were magnetic, they had chance to 'play' and find out the answers for themselves. 

In RE, we have studied the Parable of the Yeast. We thought back to when we made bread before Christmas and what the yeast did to our bread. It made it rise and grow and spread. The yeast is like God's Kingdom because it grows. Then we thought about how Christians can make His Kingdom grow and what we can do. 

We've had a super French lesson today as we have been learning about family members. We learnt that the French have different words for 'my' depending on whether the person is male, female or plural. We also learnt what a cognate was and found that there were quite a few family names that were cognates. 

In your child's planner tonight, there is a note about a Roman Day on Friday 6th February. We think this will be a great way to immerse the children in the topic. We would love to see them dressed up as a Roman! 

Next week I will be sending out details of our trip to the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester on Tuesday 13th March. 

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