Year 3 WC 18th September 2017

Date: 23rd Sep 2017 @ 8:37pm

This week we have continued to work hard in maths focusing on place value of three digit numbers. The children have been placing numbers on a number line and finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less of three digit numbers. We found crossing over tens and hundreds quite tricky, e.g. 195 + 10 or 1094 - 100 so we'll continue to practise this. This is a really important concept that children need to understand: knowing which digit is changing when we add or subtract 1, 10 or 100 and being able to explain this. In problem solving we will be answering questions such as 'I think of a number and add 10, subtract 100 and subtract 1. My answer is 256. What number did I start with? What can you do to check?' This requires the children to demonstrate a greater understanding of this concept. 

In English we have been working on our descriptive language when writing a character description. We have also been learning how to 'read as a writer' which means exploring our text to see what technqiues the writer uses for effect. We found things such as short sentences to create suspense and hiding the threat to make the reader want to read on, which we've added to our toolkit to use when we write our own stories. 

The children were taught by Mrs Pulle on Friday morning and had a wonderful RE lesson exploring the story of Jesus Calms the Storm. They came up with some fantastic ideas how this encourages Christians to live as good news today. 

The children have been learning about British Values this week. We have learnt about the importance of the Rule of Law and why rules are important. We all agreed that although sometimes rules can feel unfair, they are there so that everyone is happy and safe. After learning about how the law works in this country, we began to think of some of our own laws that we would like to see happen. Some suggestions were banning smoking and even making it the law to have homework every day! 

This week, Miss Nolan will be joining us as a third year student completing her final year of her BA Primary Education. We are really looking forward to getting to know her and working with us over the next several weeks. 

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