Year 3 WC 16th October 2017

Date: 21st Oct 2017 @ 10:39pm

In maths the children have been working hard on adding and subtracting three digits and 1s/10s. As this is such an important concept to grasp we are ensuring that we spend lots of time mastering this before we move on too quickly. This means looking at different strategies we can use and being able to explain these using the correct mathematical language. A particular challenge has been spotting mistakes in calculations and acting as the teacher to explain errors and give advice. 

In English we have had a very exciting week. On Wednesday, four children were kidnapped by pirates and held to ransom in the hall. Luckily, the rest of Year 3 and 4 stumped up the ransom of 10 gold coins and they were released! Following this dramatic event, the children interviewed the innocent victims and the police before writing a newspaper report about the kidnap. We will be publishing these this week so watch this space as I will be uploading some super writing from the children in the gallery area of our class page. 

In Science, we have been learning about fossils with Miss Nolan. We learnt how they are formed and represented this process when we made our own fossils. 

In RE we have been exploring how symbols are used to describe what God is like. We thought about if God was a vegetable/fruit/shape what would he be? Here are some of their responses: 

'God is like brocolli because it's like a (family) tree and we are all his family.' 

'God would be a circle because his love is never ending.' 

'God is like a bunch of grapes because we are all connected to Him.' 

We then recapped stories from the Bible and how they represented God, as well as works of art to show these. On Friday, the children produced their own pictures using symbols to show what God is like. 

Since the start of term we have been learning about British Values. This week Mr Stanway took the class and focused on individual differences and mutual respect. This also links with the work we have done on diversity where we reminded ourselves about how we are all different and these differences should be celebrated. 


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