Year 3 WC 15.5.17

Date: 15th May 2017 @ 8:58pm

In maths this week we are returning to multiplication, starting with using multiplication and division facts. E.g. if you know that 6 x 8 = 48, what other multiplication facts and division facts do you know? During the week we will be using mental strategies to multiply two digits by a single digit before moving onto using formal written methods for mutliplication. Here are some challenges the children could try at home: 

__ __ 12
__ __ 48
18 32  

The boxes at the end of each row and the foot of each column give the result of mutliplying the two numbers in that row or column. 

Here's an even trickier one! You can only use the digits 1 to 9 once. 

___ ___ ___ 42
___ ___ ___ 48
___ ___ ___ 180
32 108 105  

In literacy we have started to plan our 'meeting' stories. Once we boxed up the story, we realised just how many stories we already know that have a similar structure! As our topic is Brazil, we used there as a setting for our story. Some of the children have decided to set their story in the rainforest and others in the city. This week we will begin to write our stories, remembering to include all the features we have been discussing in class over the last few weeks. 

In Science we are to go be learning about skeletons. The children will be able to identify some of the different bones in the human skeleton and compare bones in animals and humans. 

On Thursday afternoon we will be having a visit from Robin who we will asking about how the Bible helps to guide Christians. 



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