Year 3 WC 15.1.18

Date: 21st Jan 2018 @ 9:16pm

Another busy week in Year 3 as the children have been introduced to our topic, the Romans. We started by learning the myth of Romulus and Remus, which explains how Rome was formed. In groups, the children acted out the story and performed it to the rest of the class. 

In RE, we have been learning about the parable of The Sower and the Seed. The farmer spread some seeds from his basket and they all landed on different soils. We discussed how the farmer is like Jesus and the seed that he sows is the seed of the good news about God. What happens to the seed in different places is the same as the good news about God. It has a good result in the lives of some people, and it has a poor result in other lives. 

In maths we have been multiplying and dividing multiples of 10 by singles digits, e.g. 40 x 4, 240 divided by 8. Although when explaining this, it is tempting to say 'take off the 0' or 'just add a 0', please help your child to understand why. We teach the children that when we times by 10, the digits move one place to the left, so we have to add a 0 as a placeholder. When dividing, the digits all move one place to the right.

For example, when multiplying 60 x 8. First we multiply 6 x 8 = 48. Because 60 is 10 times bigger than 6, we have to make our answer 10 x bigger too, so 48 x 10 = 480.

  4 8
4 8 0

Next week we are moving onto multiplying two digits by a single digit. Before moving onto a written method, I want the children to understand that multiplication is repeated addition: 21 x 3 is the same as 21 + 21 + 21.

We'll be using these methods:

e.g. 54 x 4 =

                   5 4

              x      4

                   1 6 (4 x 4 ) First we multiply the units.

               2  0  0 (4 x 50 ) Then multiply the tens 

              2  1  6 (Total)     


Then, once children have a secure understanding of this, we'll use this method:

             5  4

         x      4

         2  1  6

In English, we have been focusing on writing to create suspense. We have been exploring ways that other writers create suspense and using these to create our own toolkit. I was very impressed with the high level of writing the children have produced this week when creating suspense. We've had some superb language as the children are beginning to experiment with vocbulary to create effect.

This week we have also welcomed Miss Garton, an associate teacher from Chester University. She has settled in very well and we are looking forward to working with her over the next few weeks.





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