Year 3 WC 13th November 2017

Date: 18th Nov 2017 @ 8:38pm

This week in Year 3 we have been busy producing some brilliant diary writing linked to our portal stories: Billy and the Dragon and our text, Leon and the Place Between. We have been learning how to use conjunctions such as 'when', 'as', 'while', 'although' and 'so' to add more information to our sentences, as well as starting our sentences with these. A good game to play at home is to draw a noughts and crosses board with different conjunctions in each space. You then take turns to use that conjunction to start a sentence. The winner is the one to get three in a row. 

In maths, we have been learning how to do column subtraction which the children are getting really confident with now.  If you would like to help at home, please find opportunities for children to apply column addition and subtraction in real life contexts. Perhaps children could write their Christmas lists and use column addition and subtraction to find their total or check that they have stayed within a budget. 

In RE we have been thinking what happens in a church during Holy Communion and why. We also started to look at the similarities and differences between how Christians and Roman Catholics celebrate Communion. 

In French we have been practising our numbers to ten which we are getting really good at now! We have been learning  simple greetings such as 'Comment tu t'appelle?' and answering with 'Je m'appelle.. ' It is absolutely fantastic to see the children's enthsusiam for learning another language! 

Don't forget our theatre trip is on Monday afternoon and children need to bring a small disposable drink (not fizzy please). 



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