Year 3 WC 11th June 2018

Date: 12th Jun 2018 @ 9:40pm

Since half term we have been busy practising for our summer show, Bugsy Malone. The children have now got the words for our two songs: Fat Sam's Grand Slam and Down and Out. They need to learn these words so that they can sing without them from next week. 

In English, we have been exploring the text, Flotsam. This is a fantastic picture book which has really hooked the children. We have been practising lots of sentence work, using a range of sentence openers to describe the images and today we've been focusing on fronted adverbials to show time. As the children are preparing for Year 4, I have challenged them with using subordinate clauses and using commas correctly to show these. 

In maths, we have started our geometry unit. We have been identifying and describing 2D and 3D shapes. The children are now confident with using vocabulary such as horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel. The children are able to identify different angles, including right angles, acute and obtuse angles. 

In Science, we have been learning about pollination and fertilisation. We dissected a flower to look carefully at the different parts and learnt what their jobs are. 

In RE, we have started our new unit about Islam. Our key question is 'What do Muslims believe about God?'. Today, we have looked at the ninety-nine beautiful names for Allah and thought about what they means to Muslims. 

On Monday, some children from our class represented the school in the Holmes Chapel athletics competition. We are very proud of all the children that took part, tried their best and encouraged each other to achieve. 

The next few weeks are going to be very busy, especially as we start preparing for our summer show. Here are a few key dates for your diary: 

Tuesday 19th June - whole school phhotograph

Friday 22nd June - Musical Extravaganza

Monday 25th June - 29th June - Healthy Living Week  (On Monday 25th June, children can come to school in their PE kit for the day) 

Wednesday 27th June - Art Brazil workshop in the morning. 

Friday 29th June - Sports Day at 1:30pm 

Saturday 7th July- Garden Party

Tuesday 18th July - Bugsy afternoon performance

Wednesday 19 July - Bugsy afternoon performance

Thursday 20th July - Bugsy evening performance

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