Year 3 Stone Age adventure to Delamere

Date: 12th Nov 2018 @ 5:15pm

We had a fantastic day on our Stone Age adventure led by Stone Age Pete. We learned all about Stone Age tools and the materials they were made from whilst sat around a blazing fire. It was wonderful to handle the flint, bone, antlers and dried mushroom. We found out about how the shape of the flint affected how the tool was used - for cutting, scraping. digging and smashing. Next we had to hunt in the forest for images of everyday items to then sort into whether they were around in the Stone Age or not. A time line helped us recognise that human activity on earth has only been for a relatively short period of time. Before lunch we also managed to look at Stone Age art and patterns and we all created a clay medallion to place around the edge of the fire to bake.

After lunch we found out about the importance of string to Stone Age man and then we made our own string from raffia. It was so strong Stone Age Pete could pick up Jack using a length of this string! String making was challenging but many of us mastered this new skill. A little later we went hunting and discovered how to set an animal trap using wood and string, then we found our own wooden spears and learned how to fish Stone Age style.

Finally, Stone Age Pete demonstrated how to light fire using friction and a bow and string. Amazingly, the leaf caught fire within seconds and when added to moss was soon ablaze. An exciting end to a great day. Dojos all round! Well done Year 3, great participation, engagement and questioning. 

Mr Cotton and Mrs Pullé

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