Year 2 WC 7th December

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 12:53pm

This week has flown in Year 2! The children are beginning to get very excited for Christmas as we've enjoyed practising our nativity and singing our Christmas carol. We still have a little bit more of the nativity to record so we'll be recording some final tweaks on Monday. We will inform you when it is ready and being uploaded to the school website. 

In Engish we have been reading The Polar Express. The children imagined what it would be like at the North Pole using their senses and we looked at using thesauruses to find more interesting words. They then wrote some fantastic setting descriptions using their ideas. 

In maths we have been finishing our unit on subtraction, using number lines and column subtraction crossing 10. This has proved quite tricky but the children are persevered and are becoming more confident with different strategies. 

In geography we have been locating and naming the continents. We identified the North and South Pole and the equator. Then we learnt how countries near the equator were very hot and those nearer the poles were colder. We have been learning a song to help us remember the names of the continents. Here is the link as I know some children were keen to listen to it at home! Seven Continents Song (Oceania Version) - Bing video We then used atlases to help us to label the continents and oceans. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Saunders


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