Year 2 WC 18th November 2019

Date: 22nd Nov 2019 @ 12:45pm

We have had another very busy week in Year 2. In English we have been planning and writing our own persuasive letter to Jack giving him lots of reasons why we think he should or shouldn't go up the beanstalk. We've learnt about using strong adjectives, alliteration, questions to the reader, good sentence openers and repeated words to persuade. 

In maths we have been subtracting using the column method including exchanging. We then went on to adding three single digits looking at strategies such as spotting number bonds and doubles to help us. Next week we'll be finishing our unit on addition and subtraction with some problem solving. 

In Science the children have been learning the importance of hygiene. Currently in our classroom we have some bread that has been touched by clean hands, unwashed hands and some that hasn't been touched at all. Over the next few weeks we shall be observing what happens. The children have been learning how to wash their hands properly to ensure that they don't spread or consume any germs. Then they wrote some instructions which we will display in the Key Stage 1 toilets. 

In art the children have been using oil pastels to recreate Van Gogh's sunflowers. Last week they learnt about the artist and what impressionism means, which inspired them in their own artwork. 

We are busy practising now for our nativity. The children have all received their lines so please please help them to learn them. 

We have been made aware of a case of worms in the class. We are encouraging the children to be extra thorough when washing hands in school. If you think your child has threadworms or for more information, please follow the link below.

Don't forget that we are going to Pizza Express on Tuesday. Children will be eating their pizza for their lunch so will not need a packed lunch that day but will need a drink. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Saunders

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