Year 2 WC 12th October 2020

Date: 15th Oct 2020 @ 9:54pm

This week started with an unexpected visitor in the school woods. We found...a huge footprint that we thought must belong to a giant. The children were excellent detectives and found lots more clues around the school field: more holes, footprints, claw marks (apparently belonging to the giant's pet leopard!) and even the scarecrow they concluded must have come from the giant. Perhaps it was a hidden camera? I continue to be amazed by their wonderful imagination! After doing some research, I discovered that the species of giant that had trespassed in our school was a rare tree giant. We learnt that they're actually quite gentle and of no threat to us. The children wrote some 'Wanted' posters describing what he looks like and where he could be found. Supposedly they have magical powers so they wanted them to be protected from hunters. 

 In maths we have been continuing with fact families, using the inverse to check calculations and comparing number sentences. For maths homework I have set three activities on MyMaths for the next two weeks which are practising some Year 1 number bonds. If you want something in addition to this, Hit the Button is a great game (available on desktop or you can purchase the app) for practising number bonds, additions and subtractions. 

In RE we have been recapping what we have learnt about God through stories in the Bible. These are the Parable of the House Builders, the Good Samaritan and Moses and the Burning Bush. For harvest we looked at harvest of the earth so we learnt that we can use things from the earth to mould them into something beautiful, e.g. a clay vase, a wicker basket or a wooden ornament. We used this idea in our outdoor learning lesson where we foraged for things in the woods and created wonderful artwork with it. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'm looking forward to speaking to you next week for parent consultations.

Mrs Saunders 

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