Year 1 w/b 30th November

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 5:14pm

Happy advent everyone. It has been very exciting to open our advent calendars each day and discover a little bit more about the events that surrounded Jesus’ birth over 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. This has helped the children make connections with our ‘Whoops a Daisy’ nativity and ask plenty of questions about the sequence of events and the historical context of that first Christmas. We have also been busily practising ‘Away in a Manger’ in order that we can share this with you remotely before the end of term- it’s sounding lovely.

We are now Year 1 experts on aliens and as such we are ready to write our own reports on aliens like Beegu. We can talk and write about what they look like, where they come from and what they eat as well as sharing other interesting facts about aliens. We have also completed all our reading assessments for this half term and have been delighted by reading progress and the recall of the phonic sounds we have been practising including split digraphs a-e , i-e and o-e. This week our phonic focus has been the split di-graph o-e ( phone home) and ow( blow the snow)  so spelling homework will reflect this on Monday. Please continue to look on Showbie for the spelling sheet where your child can practise our taught sounds.

Our work in Power Maths has focused on subtraction. During this unit the children will be  introduced to formal subtraction for the first time: they count how many are le­ft , break apart a whole and find the difference. Children will model each of these situations using concrete and pictorial representations: taking away cubes, crossing out pictures and counting back on a number-line. This unit builds on children’s previous knowledge of number bonds to 10 and makes explicit links between subtraction facts and previously learnt addition facts. Children will be asked to reason with subtraction facts and compare them to numbers using the < and > symbols.  


Topic activities have included Science learning where we have learnt about our five senses and the body parts associated with each sense. We completed an indoor field walk (due to the rain) in the hall where we found things we could see, hear, smell, touch and taste. In history, we explored the first moon landing and watched man’s first step on the moon and weighed up its significance. Also we have completed our Design and technology project. The children have now embellished their hand mitts and comforters for Beegu and they really are fantastic. The children are very proud of what they have designed and made and you can find their final products in the photos below.


In gymnastics we continued to impress our teachers from Multiflex who awarded the whole class a certificate for endeavour and attitude to learning. This week we used the large wall apparatus to practise our balances and 2 point holds. On dismounting we used straddle, tuck and pike jumps. Please see the photos attached.

In Collective worship we explored Mary’s belief and courage as the Angel Gabriel brought her the news that she was carrying the son of God. We looked at paintings of the annunciation from all over the world and thought about their inspiration. On Tuesday Revd Sandi showed us the advent wreath as we count down the 5 Sundays to Christmas and we heard how the first candle represents hope. We wrote our own prayers of hope.

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday.

With many thanks

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