Year 1 w/b 23rd November

Date: 29th Nov 2020 @ 8:23pm

This week has marked the start of our Christmas performance rehearsals! Everyone has been busy learning lines and rehearsing songs. Things will look a little different this year as our performance will be recorded for your viewing, but we hope that all children get to experience the joy of coming together to create a fun and wonderful Christmas play. 

Last week, some children in our class decided that they would like to write letters to Beegu. We decided to use this as our writing theme for this week and have been busy looking at the features of letter writing, reading letters and writing our own letter to Beegu. We have looked at features such as the layout of a letter including our school address and also asking questions for the recipient of our letters.

In maths we have completed our current unit on addition by sharing our learning as experts of each strategy we have learnt. We can now confidently count on on a number line, find missing numbers by counting on on a number line, use a part whole model, use a tens frame and count on from a number in our heads. When learning new strategies in maths it is important that we practically explore the concepts using concrete resources such as counters, objects and multi-link before moving on to using pictorial representations such as drawing calculations out or counting on on a number line. Both of these steps support our understanding to move on to abstract and mental calculations as we become more confident in our understanding of mathematical processes. Please have a look at the attached photos to see our maths strategies in action.

In science we have been investigating differences between foot size. We made predictions as to who would have the largest foot size and explained why we thought this. We then compared foot sizes to see if our predictions we correct and explained the results of our investigation. In Science we are focussing not only on scientific knowledge e.g. the names of the body parts, senses etc. but also on working scientifically and the science skills that will support further science learning. Predicting has been our focus this week.

In PE we have put together the skills we have learnt so far and got to choose how to travel, balance and perform on each piece of apparatus. As always Mr Ray and Mrs Walker found it very hard to choose sports starts this week as everyone really tried their hardest to preform as gymnasts throughout our lesson.

In HeartSmart Miss Witham helped us to consider the fact that we are all unique. There are things that are the same about all of us but there are parts of us that are different from others. This lesson linked well to our science learning over the past few weeks.

Our final piece of work on Christian Community allowed us to reflect on why the Bible is a holy book for Christians. Collective worship led us to discussing the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth and how they hoped and prayed they would have a child and they did have a son called John( later to become John the Baptist ) . We thought about the things we hoped and prayed for and wrote about these in our reflection book.

We concluded on work in geography drawing maps of the route to Beegu’s home in our school grounds. We labelled the human and physical features on our maps before we used construction materials to recreate these maps . Finally we drew around the construction materials to make a plan view /birds eye view of our school and grounds . In forest school we collected foraged materials to make friends for Beegu using the joining techniques practised last half term when we made crosses.

In DT we have joined our hand mitts or comforters together using one of 3 joining techniques- glue, safety pins or staples. This was great fun and wonderful for the children to have nearly completed their design cycle from planning to making and evaluating.

Have a lovely weekend and keep working on learning your lines!

Mrs Pulle, Mrs Lindersen and Miss Witham

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