Year 1 w/b 15th March

Date: 19th Mar 2021 @ 2:59pm

We have had another busy, fun filled week in Year One this week and have built on the learning we started last week. Thank you for your support in making the transition back to school last week such a smooth one.

In English we have continued to build on the excitement around the interesting paw prints we found in our outside area and have written information texts about tigers. We have used Talk for Writing as a way to learn, find the features, and imitate the style of writing found when writing information texts. We will attempt to add a video of us performing the actions to support our text map to the blog asap! We will use the skills we have gained this week to write our own information texts about other wild animals next week while imitating the writing style of our tiger information text.

In maths we have continued to look at strategies used when subtracting numbers within 20. We know to use our tens frame, pictorial representations and a number line when counting back and taking away numbers. We have also looked at taking the tens, then the ones when subtracting two digit numbers below 20 as well as taking away numbers that cross the ten e.g. 16 – 9 = (we would take 6 to get to ten then take the rest (3)). These are tricky strategies but ones that will help up with subtraction as the numbers we use increase in size.

Topic activities have included Science where the children have further built on their scientific understanding of materials to plan, predict and set up an investigation that will be completed next week to find the best material to use to make a warm coat for Nora when visiting the polar bear from our story ‘There’s a Tiger in the Garden’.

In Art and Design, we used our newfound colour mixing skills to create forest scenes in acrylic paint. Our paintings were inspired by the forest paintings of Henri Rousseau and the children were encouraged to experiment with colour, shape and size. It was lovely to see the children working cooperatively on the larger pieces they painted.

Last week we were very excited to see the changes to our forest school area and begin work on our dragonfly designs. This week children have added to their initial dragonfly ideas to add wings and other interesting details. During this process we have been foraging for the perfect materials in nature to support our designs. The children have had the opportunity to create from their own ideas and have focused on the creative process more than the final finished piece.

After last week’s geography session where we looked at the similarities and differences between life at school in Brereton and at a school in Nairobi, Kenya, we have looked at a second location in Kenya. This time a relatively small forest called the Kakamega Forest. We have used websites to research the area and have identified it on both Google maps and on maps in atlases. The children then designed and wrote postcard to home from a trip to the Kakamega forest in Kenya.

In PE we are continuing to look at ball skills and invasion games and have introduced small team games. We have looked at tactics to help succeed in the games. We have also finished our baseline fitness activities that we started with Multiflex last week. In these, we completed a series of running, jumping and throwing activities. After Easter we will then complete the same activities again to see if we can improve our scores.

In RE this week we looked specifically at two Easter customs that occur in Church in Holy week, Palm Sunday and the distribution of palm crosses and the Last Supper and the link to breaking bread and drinking wine (communion) at Easter.

In Collective worship we continued to explore lent. This week Mrs McLean taught explored how a walking aid can help us as we travel. A walking aid supports us and helps us stand tall and we thought about all the people in our lives that act like a walking aid for us. Mrs Saunders also shared a worship around the theme of ‘hope’ using the story of Noah and the Ark. We thought about what hope means to us.

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday.

With many thanks,

Mrs Pullé and Mrs Lindersen

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