Week beginning 8th May

Date: 13th May 2017 @ 12:32pm

The big news this week in Year 2 is the safe arrival of Mr and Mrs McAulay's daughter Elsie. We are delighted to report she was born on Tuesday 9th May and the McAulay's are settling into family life very happily. Mr McAulay will be rejoining us on Monday 22nd May but we hope he may pop in to see us next week.

We have certainly had a busy and most exciting week as a penguin arrived on Tuesday! After a little research we think it may be an Emperor penguin but was it lost or just lonely? For the rest of the week we had to decide how best to look after this penguin and how could we return it home. Reading Oliver Jeffer's 'Lost and Found' was very useful and inspired us to write our own narratives about something lost. The children's story writing this week has been super-great descriptions, spelling and punctuation. Wow they have been exciting to read and mark !

During our spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons we have mastered identifying different sentence types and are much clearer understaning of the differences between a verb, noun, adjective and adverb. Spelling results on Friday were very good.

In maths we have completed an arithmetic and reasoning paper. This allowed us to spot the areas of learning we needed to reinforce. As a result the children were then given individual , tailored work to embed specific areas of learning.

During topic we continued to make pirate fact files and in RE we started our study on Baptism and thought about promises made at baptisms and the promises we make to others. In PE we practised underarm bowling and aim for a cricket game next Wednesday afternoon. Science work involved life cycles and next week we shall take a closer look at eggs and chicks. We also have caterpillars growing rather rapidly in our classroom and hope to see them in their cocoons shortly.

Next week we have our SATS in Year 2 and the timtable is in children's planners. Certainly nothing for children to worry about, we are confident they will be enjoyed. All SATS should be completed by Thursday lunchtime and as a treat we are going to the park on Friday afternoon for ice lollies. Friday 19th May is also Miss Rigby's last day with us. I'm sure you will wish to join us in thanking Miss Rigby for her dedication, care and enthusiasm during the past 2 months and we wish her every success in her new school for September.


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