WC 9th October 2017

Date: 17th Oct 2017 @ 5:20pm

This week we had Abi from One Day Creative teach us all about the Stone Age through drama. They used their bodies to make different shapes such as woolly mammoths, spears, fire and Stone Henge. In addition, they used drama techniques such as freeze frames and role play to bring different time periods to life. 

In maths we have been working on addition and subtraction of three digits and ones. We have been focusing particularly on crossing the tens barrier, e.g. 256 + 6 and 172 - 5 looking at different methods to solve these. 

In English we have started looking at newspaper reports. You may have seen Mr Stanway with rather rosy cheeks and defined beard! This was all part of our English hook as he was interviewed for a newspaper article about the pirate raid at Dull-on-Sea Museum. Georgia and Max also did a brilliant job being hotseated as Inspector Clewless and eye-witness Mr Wobley (with impressive northern accents!). 

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