WC 11th September 2017

Date: 16th Sep 2017 @ 9:50pm

What a week we've had in Year 3! After our flood in the classroom on Tuesday we are currently working in the hall. The children have been fantastic and are just 'getting on with it'. Hopefully, we'll be back into our classroom sooner than first expected. 

In English, we have started our text, The Jolley Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon. We acted out the prologue imagining we were pirates heading to Dull-on-Sea in search of treasure and a lost key. The children have then written some super setting descriptions using personification. 

In Science we have started our topic on rocks. We started by exploring the different rocks as many of the children had not heard of their names and didn't know what they looked like. We learnt about what they are used for and sorted them into man-made and natural. Many of the children asked 'how are rocks made?' so we are going to investigate this further. 

In maths our focus continues to be place value. We have been using lots of Base 10 and place value counters to represent numbers and help us to have a really good understanding of what three digit numbers are. I will add some examples so you can see the types of questions we have been working on. When children are working on their My Maths homework try asking them to explain their answers, e.g. 'explain to me why that is right', 'how do you know?' 'how is that possible?' encouraging them to use mathematical vocbulary. So when talking about place value, rather than 'the middle column' ensure they say 'the tens column'. 

Rather than a trip, this half term I have arranged for One Day Creative to come into school for a day of drama and adventure. Details of this will be sent home this week. 


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