wb 5th February

Date: 8th Feb 2018 @ 9:40am

In Maths this week we have been continuing work on fractions, focussing particularly on equivalence and using our knowledge to compare fractions and to work with mixed numbers and improper fractions. We have used lots of pictorial and concrete representations of fractions such as multilink cubes and bar models.

In English we have now come to the end of our unit of work based on the story of King Kong. The final outcome is a newspaper report based on Kong's escape, subsequent rampage through New York City and unfortunate encounter with the Empire State Building. For the remainder of the half term, Miss Eardley will be teaching a short unit on suspense writing, based on the guided reading novel, 'Room 13'. Children from other guided reading groups will have a synopsis of the story so far to work with.

In Science the children continue with their unit of work on Forces. Last week they were carrying out practical work to do with water and air resistance and then looking at the science behind what they had observed.

In Topic work the children have been focussing on Baghdad as a centre of learning at the time of the Ancient Islamic Empire. They have investigated a variety of inventions and discoveries and pulled all this together on a poster.

We have come to the end of our RE topic on the Kingdom of God and have just completed a written assessment. We now go onto the topic of Forgiveness next week and continue after half term. I hope you have seen the photos of the interviews we carried out last week with members of the Church community. They were fantastic with the children and we got some very interesting responses to our questions.

We had our first Judo taster session this week which the children really enjoyed. We will be having one more next week on Wednesday afternoon. This will follow our 3rd session of computer programming from Matthew Wainwright who is an external provider.

Miss Eardley completes her teaching practice at the end of next week and returns to University for the remainder of her course. The children have enjoyed being taught by her and we thank her for her hard work.

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