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Date: 24th Sep 2018 @ 5:46pm

Maths: we are moving onto number work now. Today we have revised adding but with large numbers. We have also tried some of the easier sats arithmetic questions on adding as well as a sats reasoning problem. Tomorrow is more of the same but with subtraction. Then we are onto revising multiplication, again with larger numbers and problem solving with this. We have begun looking at the 4 and 8x tables as well as keeping the 3,6,9x tables ticking over. Any help with times tables fluency at home would be greatly received.

English: we begin a new unit of work tomorrow based on a novel called 'The Lost Happy Endings', not 'Princess Blankets' as stated last week - we have already done this one. In spelling looked at using till, full and all as prefixes and suffixes and the changes required in spelling. Handwriting practice continues as does guided reading on the novel 'Holes'.

Science: this week we will be investigating the types of surfaces that reflect and/or absorb light, drawing further conclusions about how and why we see things in different ways.

RE: we have been looking at all the metaphors that Jesus used to describe himself in the Bible. We complete this this week and then move onto our assessment piece next week.

Topic: we haven't quite completed our lesson on The Norman Invasion so we have a little more work to do on that but it's been a week, so I will recap first to bring the children back up to speed. The next lesson is about the significance of the signing of the Magna Carta.

We had a great day out at Clonter Opera last Thursday. The children enjoyed their musical workshop with the professional opera singers, who also told them a little about their career path. They also heard from other professional theatre staff who told them a little about careers in lighting, sound and set and costume design. The children worked very well as teams to design sets on a Himalayan mountain landscape theme, loosely based on the commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1 and the sort of environment where Ghurkas came from. They were impressed with how differently the lighting made their set designs look and after lunch, they thoroughly enjoyed the variety performance in the auditorium. 

We didn't manage to fit our french lesson in last week so will be doing so this week.

MyMaths homework has been set on negative numbers. It's rather short but they have 4x and 8x tables to practise and learn as well.

I would really appreciate your support with getting the children to read at home more. The children earn dojo (team and individual) points if they present a parent's signature in their planner stating that they have read at home the night before. Reading on their own (or with you if they will) on a daily basis is essential for improving the children's speed and fluency, which will in turn help their understanding of an unfamiliar text in a shorter time - quite apart from the fact that 'getting lost in a book' is something that they will hopefully enjoy for its own sake too. The children get a reading dojo for reading the night before (however many times) and a dojo for each weekend day too. One reading dojo is worth 2 points. Currently there are only 4 or 5 children out of 26 who are presenting signatures each day

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