Reception's Blog - Week beginning Monday 26th April

Date: 30th Apr 2021 @ 3:57pm

Hello everyone!

It has been a delight this week to see the progress that the children have been making. Earlier this week, Myself and Miss Wellings were looking at the writing of the class from September through to December, and comparing it to what they can do today - and some of the results are amazing! So much so that we have started the children writing in English books, like they do further up the school. This week, the children have been innovating the ‘Star in the Jar’ story using their own idea for a main character; next week they will be starting to invent their own story and tell it to others. With this in mind, today we showed them our new story-telling wellies (story-tellies, perhaps?) - special boots which the children can wear when they are telling a story without reading a book!

We have also been having fun learning about light and dark, and how shadows are made. Sadly, the day I was teaching this decided to be very overcast, so we had to use torches instead of the sun. However, judging by the photos, I think the children were very happy, regardless. Next week, we will be exploring how magnets work, which is always a fun lesson.

Maths has also been going very well. Learning how to count on when starting at any number up to 20; next week we will be counting back our numbers up to 20. 

I hope that you enjoy the pictures and have a lovely bank holiday weekend. We will see you all on Tuesday.

Mr. Cotton


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