Reception's blog - week beginning May 3rd

Date: 7th May 2021 @ 12:17pm

Hello everyone,

It's been a shorter week, but we seemed to have packed in just as much as normal even with the unpleasant weather. Our main maths focus has been counting back numbers from 20 (essentially subtracting), and this has been a really positive piece of learning, with lots of the children becoming very confident using number lines.

The children are really enjoying the Star in the Jar story which we have been doing as our Talk for Writing text, and next week the children will be begin writing instructions for how to catch a star, based on this story. 

The weather put pay to a great Forest Schools lesson this week, but I think we made up for it by exploring how magnets work in science on Tuesday, which the children loved. 

We are working primarily this term to prepare the children for Year 1, as time is ticking towards the end of summer term. As a result there has been a reduction in their ‘choosing’ activity time, particularly during the mornings and a lot more focus on whole class learning at tables. I think most of the children have adapted very well to this change in routine, very few seemed to have noticed (or if they have, they haven't said anything!). Next week we have our space day on Monday, and we were mindful not to overburden with you by stating that it was a ‘dress-up’ day. However, if your child wishes to come to school in a space-themed outfit, then that's absolutely fine, but there is absolutely no expectation. Miss Wellings on the other hand…

I also wanted to say on behalf of the four of us in Reception this term that we all appreciate the work you do at home with the children, not least by reading with them, and we are definitely noticing how well the children are progressing. We will continue to assess not just their ability to read but also how well they understand what they have read - which is just as important. 

Finally, I am going to apologise for the paucity of photos this week, for reasons which are almost too ridiculous to share with you, but I promise to make up for it next week! 

Have a great weekend, and see you all next week!

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