Reception's blog w/b Monday 28th June

Date: 2nd Jul 2021 @ 4:22pm

Good afternoon everyone!

A mixture of smoky wood, burnt marshmallows and chlorinated water fills the classroom air this afternoon. Yes, this Friday was no ordinary Friday (if one actually exists in Reception) as not only did we have our first Forest School campfire, but also the eagerly awaited swimming pool session. I am convinced that by now your child will have told you all about it in a particularly excited way - because this has been a day filled with long-lasting memories. It is Brereton tradition that at the Year 6 leavers service, we show a timeline of photos of the children as they have grown through the school; we definitely have a selection of terrific photos to use from today in six years time! A separate blog is being produced containing lots of pool snaps, so do take a look at that - there will definitely be many from Reception on there.

In Maths this week, we have been developing the understanding of adding (2 or 3 numbers) up to a total of 20, and next week we will be 'taking away' in the same manner. There are some real superstars in Maths in this class, and they will certainly enjoy using their knowledge when they move up to Year 1 in September. 

Given the continued dry and warm spell of weather, we used this opportunity to talk and learn about how and when to keep safe in the sun. Many of the children are already in the habit of putting on a hat and applying sunscreen when we go out for lunchbreak or PE in an afternoon, which is a great one to get in to. 

Our final RE lesson this term has been looking at how God wants us to look after the world, and how we, as humans should care for our planet. The children came up with some really good ideas and drew some great pictures to represent them. 

In Art, the children have learned about Claude Monet, and his style of painting; using oil pastels, they had a go at this particular style to draw a beach scene. Quite an impression!

Next week, Miss Wellings has the wonderful pleasure to talk to you all about the children during parent consultations. We have spent a lot of time these past few weeks collaborating on their end of year reports, so everything that you hear from Miss Wellings on Tuesday you can be sure is seconded by myself. 

Have a super weekend, and see you all next week!

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