Reception WB 9th October 2017

Date: 13th Oct 2017 @ 7:45pm

Another Busy Week...

We started this week with an exciting quest to rescue a captive king. The children learnt to retell these instructions and they have explored the meaning of new words, such as 'dilapidated.' Please see our gallery items for photos.

In Maths we have been learning how to find 1 less than a given number and we have been using a number line to investigate the relationship between 1 more and 1 less.  Below are some games which may help consolidate your child's learning 

This week we have been learning about castles. We learnt about the different features of a castle and labelled them. We then had great fun making edible castles, ensuring we added a moat, a drawbridge and towers. The children worked well in their pairs, discussing their ideas and taking turns.

Our RE focus this week based around the story ‘The Lost Sheep.’ We helped a shepherd to find his sheep and then we found our own sheep, hidden around the school. We learnt that this is a story Jesus told to remind us that sometimes to make the wrong choices and we move away from God. But when we say sorry we return to God and, even though God has lots of people who love him, he is overjoyed when we come back into his fold.

This week we also trialled our new snack system, which encourages independence and choice. The children really enjoyed it so we look forward to continuing it.

Don’t forget next Thursday is our Once Upon a Time day. Children are invited to come to school in costume. In the afternoon parents or grandparents are invited to come in to school for a Stay and Make session where the challenge is to build a castle (remember to bring the resources you need!). We really look forward to seeing you all there.

Have a lovely weekend.

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