Reception W.B. 14.05.18

Date: 18th May 2018 @ 4:01pm

Happy Friday to you all!

In literacy this week we have been focusing on the upcoming Royal wedding. We’ve written instructions on how to make fairy cakes, facts about weddings as well as invitations for our Royal tea party. The best part was definitely getting to use our instructions to bake and decorate scrumptious cakes – delicious!

In maths, we have been practising subtraction using number lines as well as being able to “find the difference” between two numbers. This was definitely a challenging lesson so we were very proud to see how well the children worked. We’ve also had to solve written subtraction problems which we particularly enjoyed as they were all about us!

In topic we learnt a little bit more about the Royal family, we made congratulations cards for the happy couple, we redesigned Meghan’s wedding dress and Prince Harry’s suit and we had such fun making the cucumber sandwiches and cupcakes for our very Royal occasion.

We learnt a little bit about street parties that used to happen in days gone by and the games that were played, so after our afternoon tea, we played ‘Duck, duck, goose’ it was quite tricky getting the hang of running around the outside of the circle trying to catch each other. We also played ‘The farmers in his den’ and finished off our afternoon trying hard to balance an egg on a spoon…I bet you can’t guess what race we were practising.

Sparkly, Little Toe, Alfred and the tadpole crew are growing quite big now, we keep checking to see if their back legs are developing…we are sure it will be any day now.

Quick reminder:

Tuesday - Wings and Things visit

Thursday – Julia Donaldson day (dress up as your favourite character)

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun. 


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