Reception W.B. 05.02.18

Date: 9th Feb 2018 @ 3:45pm

Good afternoon and happy Friday to you all!

In maths this week we have been learning how to subtract two numbers using counters and numicon. Our brains must be working really hard because we seemed to understand subtraction well – especially when we pretended it was all about sweeties! It became a bit trickier when we applied this to number lines and some of us struggled to understand how many jumps we needed to make in order to find the total but we’ll be sure to keep on practising.

We’ve been introduced to fact finding this week in literacy when looking at a piece of non-fiction writing. We were challenged to find out about where different Arctic animals lived, what they ate and what they looked like. We used a fact file to read through the information and then highlighted the bits we needed before transferring it into our books. Did you know that walruses are social animals and like to live in big groups on the ice?

This morning we’ve had a very important R.E lesson in which we learnt about the importance of saying sorry and understanding forgiveness. We had a discussion about how to approach situations in which we may have done something wrong or had something happen to us. We each wrote a sentence about what we were sorry for and talked through how to overcome it.

On Thursday, the whole of KS1 took part in our ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ in which we were tasked to fill in a tally chart of the birds we could spot in our playground. We were fortunate enough to see some blackbirds, pigeons and someone thought they’d even seen a woodpecker! The best part though was coming in to a nice warming cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows with a biscuit to dunk, yummy! I wonder if you could have you own bird watch and tell us all about the birds in your garden?

Internet safety day took place on Tuesday and we looked at different ways of staying safe online. Smartie the Penguin taught us a useful song to help us remember the importance of asking for help: "Before you tap and click you need to stop and think and tell someone". This helped us to know that if we see something we're unsure of or if something were to pop up, we always seek an adult or helper first. Furthermore, we spoke about the importance of keeping our name and personal information private when playing on our Ipads or computers.

Just a reminder that next week we will be starting our SRE lessons with Mrs Taylor and Miss Sherliker in the afternoons. Please do come to us with any questions or queries.

Have a lovely weekend and wrap up warm.

Miss Sherliker, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Payne

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