KS2 Environment Day

Date: 5th Jun 2015 @ 4:07pm

Today began a little differently for the children. Y3-6 were asked the question 'What have our sweets got to do with the rainforest?'.  They then worked in mixed age groups to complete one of our amazing activities.

Throughout the day we have been finding out all about the rainforest and focused mainly on the production of palm oil which is in the sweets we like to eat.  The children found that the production of palm oil is causing many problems in the rainforest including deforestation.

Mr Jones worked with children to produce amazing artwork showing the stark contrast between the world's beautiful, natural rainforest and deforested areas.

Mrs Saunders looked at the viewpoints of all rainforest stakeholders including animals, communities and the farmers. Her group then produced a powerful and thought provoking piece of drama which they performed for the whole school.

Mrs Wood worked with a group using ICT to make a movie showing how the deforestation caused by the clearing of rainforest for farmland and more intensive cocoa farming is causing problems in the rainforest.

Mr Collier worked with his group looking at which large sweet companies use the most sustainable palm oil and the children produced pictograms clearly showing this information. During the afternoon the children enjoyed making outfits for rainforest exploring from recycled paper.

All children had a wonderful day and both children and adults have learnt a lot!

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George Pattinson wrote:

i loved enviroment day it was super fun

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